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From the mayor: Thanks | Mayor's Corner

This is my final column as mayor of our fine city. It may sound corny, but 90% of the time it has been pure fun! The other 10% ... maybe a little less! While I have been in and around government much...


The City staff | Mayor's Corner

As I wind down eight years as mayor of this wonderful community, there are obviously many wonderful and happy experiences on which to reflect; and yes, of course, there have also been disappointments...


I love this town | Mayor's Corner

I started this column the day after our annual chaotic, yet fun-filled, Halloween celebration. As usual, we had thousands (estimated 8,000) of kids, parents, grandparents, and "innocent bystanders"...


Transitions | Mayor's Corner

Driving to the office from home this past Monday, I was struck by the sight of the first snow of the season on the Olympic Mountains. Simply spectacular! And of course with that, temperatures at best...


The coming recession | Mayor's Corner

I don't know if you are as tired of hearing about the "coming recession" as much as I am, but I think we should have the courage to just schedule it so we know when it will happen. Understand the...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    August 1, 2019

The coming election(s) | Mayor's Corner

No, not just the coming primary election. We also need to gear up for the November general election. Many of you probably have had neighbor discussions, read the Edmonds Beacon, The Herald and The...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    July 14, 2019

Oh yes, the budget | Mayor's Corner

Here we are in the middle of July, working on the 2020 budget that won’t be presented to the council until the first part of October. So why are we starting so early? Well actually, staff has been...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    June 27, 2019

Reflecting on the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector | Mayor's Corner

Notwithstanding last week's City Council vote to discontinue work on the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector, a flurry of public speculation and/or misinformation continues, especially on social...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    May 30, 2019

The case for the Waterfront Connector | Mayor's Corner

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a steady stream of articles and opinions about the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector. Unfortunately in the mix has been a fair amount of misinformation and...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    May 10, 2019

Edmonds, an arts and culture community | Mayor's Corner

Do we all know Edmonds is an Arts Community? You bet we do! We know we have something new called a "Creative District," the first in the state. We know we have the Edmonds Center for the...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    April 12, 2019

Here’s an update on major projects | Mayor's Corner

I have written before about several large projects the community currently has in play. All have made good progress and are all in various stages of development. Yet they do not all follow a common pr...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    March 15, 2019

Musings (plus Deadmonds) | Mayor's Corner

Well, having never before announced I would not run for a third term as mayor, I wasn't sure what the community reaction would be. As you can imagine, reactions were varied (and some...


We ain't Deadmonds anymore! | Mayor's Corner

Many of you have wondered whether I will seek another term as mayor of Edmonds. I have spent considerable time with my family and a handful of friends weighing the decision for several months.... Full story


The mayor's office | Mayor's Corner

Oh my, yes, we do have an expansive staff in the mayor's office! Seven years ago, we began with two in the office and now, seven years later, we are way up to two in the office. Truth is, if I did... Full story


The holiday spirit is alive in Edmonds | Mayor's Corner

Last Sunday late afternoon, my wife and I stopped at Scott's restaurant at the county line for an early dinner. I suspected the Seahawk crowd would have dissipated and there would be available...


Yes, Santa does exist | Mayor's Corner

When I was 4 years old, my parents decided to move from Genesee, Idaho, to Spokane. When we left Genesee, there was well under 700 people, a true farming community with a bank, a restaurant, a...


Voting: Your right, your privilege, on Nov. 6 | Mayor's Corner

A couple of times a year we, as citizens of the United States of America, have the privilege of voting. Yes, we are in an "off-year" election, a phrase that, quite frankly, puzzles me. For...


Welcome, Hekinan delegation – just in time for Halloween | Mayor's Corner

In a few short weeks, a delegation from our sister city, Hekinan, Japan, will join us to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our sister-city relationship. The relationship began 30 years ago with the...


The passing of three prominent Individuals | Mayor's Corner

In our personal lives, we have all experienced the death of friends, relatives and loved ones. Usually such passings manage to spread themselves out. But occasionally they are grouped together and hav... Full story


Patience and projects in Edmonds | Mayor's Corner

The second year I was mayor, I vividly remember making the first of many trips to Olympia during the Legislative session to meet with our local legislators on important issues related to our city....

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    July 6, 2018

What's this Edmonds housing strategy really about? | Mayor's Corner

Like so many communities in this booming region, Edmonds is considering a housing strategy to address increasing concerns about the lack of affordable housing in our city for a wide range of income...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    June 19, 2018

Stark contrast: 'Kids should not be used as leverage' | Mayor's Corner

This column was updated on Wednesday, June 20: This past weekend, we in Edmonds had the perfect weekend. The weather was perfect, and the sun and warm temperatures made the city come alive. Along... Full story

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    May 22, 2018

Edmonds – always evolving | Mayor's Corner

I'm sure many of you read our city's two publications, the Edmonds Beacon and My Edmonds News. I look to both to find what's going on in town well beyond what I see and hear about. From...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    April 27, 2018

Summer is here (almost) | Mayor's Corner

They tell me the rumor is true ... summer is coming! Only in the past few days when the temperature has crawled all the way into the 60s, and now the low 70s, have I thought there might be truth in...

 By Dave Earling    Opinion    April 13, 2018

Reflections on Hekinan | Mayor's Corner

I had a three-hour layover in Seoul, South Korea, so why not start the next column? This after six very busy (sometimes intense), but enormously rewarding, days in Hekinan, Japan, our Sister City.... Full story


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